Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Outstanding Contribution for LTE Evolution to 5G

Huawei for the Evolution from 4.5G to 5G

Huawei leads on 4.5G Evolution & 5G Ready by leveraging commercially-deployed MIMO, NB-IoT, CloudRAN, CloudAIR and publicly trialed 5G New Radio technologies to make the future now. These new technologies expand the coverage area and reduces edge interference, providing improved user experience and higher throughput speeds.

Huawei also provides novel low-power connectivity for smart utilities and other providers of IoT technologies which will drive LTE evolution to 5G.

In real world use, these solutions have been shown to reduce edge interference, improve IoT connectivity with multi-connectivity support, and optimize used spectrum.

Huawei continues to lower the cost of MBB services in networks around the world.