Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

The Green Mobile Award

Ericsson and Telenor Myanmar for Pure Solar Myanmar

In Myanmar 70% of the population live without access to electricity. Triggered by this challenge, Ericsson and Telenor have succeeded to deploy the world’s first pure solar powered site that’s more economical than diesel.

Several combined innovations brought the total site power consumption down by 75% to 500W, such as the Ericsson Psi Coverage for 3G/4G that uses a single radio unit instead of three, while retaining full coverage, service quality and performance. The site also uses a lesser number of panels and batteries, which makes it more affordable in its first year of operations compared to the standard diesel-hybrid powered site. In three years, the total cost will be 1/2 that of diesel-hybrid.  With economy comes global scale.