Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Categories for the 2017 Glomo Awards

The Glomo Awards this year includes the broadest range of categories than ever before, with 39 awards across eight umbrella categories. These include seven new awards that highlight the latest mobile trends, technologies, products and services impacting the mobile industry, as well as those of adjacent (or vertical) industries.

From mobile innovation for automotive, health, retail, travel, education and smart cities to technology breakthroughs for Smartphones, wearables, network infrastructure, systems and IoT evolution, there’s a category for every player in the mobile eco-system to enter here…

Category 1: The Connected Life Awards

1a. Best Mobile Innovation for Health
1b. Best Mobile Innovation for Education or Learning
1c. Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive
1d. Best Mobile Payment Solution
1e. Best Use of Mobile for Retail, Brands & Commerce
1f. Best Use of Mobile for Travel, Leisure & Hospitality
1g. The Mobile Connect Award for Authentication & Identity
1h. Best Use of Mobile for Smart Cities

Category 2: Best Mobile Services

2a. Best Mobile Service or Solution for Enterprise
2b. Best Use of Mobile Advertising or Marketing
2c. Best Mobile Cloud Service or App
2d. Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers

Category 3: Social & Economic Development

3a. Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets
3b. Best Mobile Product, Application or Service for Women in Emerging Markets
3c. Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations
3d. Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion
3e. The Green Mobile Award
3f. Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

Category 4: Best Mobile Apps

4a. Best Mobile App for the Connected Lifestyle
4b. Best Mobile App for Virtual or Augmented Reality
4c. Best Mobile Video, TV or Film App
4d. Best Mobile App for Business
4e. Most Innovative Mobile App
4f. Best Overall Mobile App (The Judge’s Choice)

Category 5: Best Mobile Handsets & Devices

5a. Best Smartphone
5b. Disruptive Device Innovation Award
5c. Best New Smartphone or Connected Mobile Device at MWC 2017
5d. Best Wearable Mobile Technology
5e. Best Connected Consumer Electronics Device

Category 6: Best Mobile Technology

6a. Best Mobile Infrastructure
6b. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough
6c. Best Technology Enabler
6d. Best Mobile Security or Anti-Fraud Solution
6e. Outstanding Contribution for LTE Evolution to 5G
6f. Best IoT Innovation for Mobile Networks
6g. Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology – The CTO’s choice

Category 7: Government Excellence Award

7a. Government Leadership Award

Category 8: Outstanding Achievement

8a. Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry
8b. Women4Tech – Mobile Industry Leadership (Individuals)
8c. Women4Tech – Mobile Industry Leadership (Organisations)