Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Best Use of Mobile for Advertising or Marketing

PHD Media for Kheloge Toh Jeetoge

In India, Home to Home promoters are seen as intrusion by consumers, with 60% consumer’s not opening doors for the promoters whilst 40% who did, did not give the promoters adequate time to educate consumers regarding their offerings. This not only costs man hours but also uptake of products from the shelves. An in-depth study, led us to some very interesting insights leading to creation of first of its kind Mobile IVRS based game board  ‘Kheloge toh jeetoge’ (Play it to win it). The game play was designed with focused user journey and gave out brand benefits in a unique manner. The idea was ‘Promoters not promoting products but first of its kind Mobile IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) based board game – ‘Kheloge Toh Jeetoge’. To activate the games, all that the consumers had to do was give a missed call to the toll free numbers mentioned on the game board. The promoters were now seen as ‘entertainment providers’ and not ‘intrusion’ and the brand was now seen as ‘engaging’ and not ‘preachy’. Most importantly, the game board consisted of 3 brands- Comfort, Domex, Surf Excel Matic, whereas previously one product was pitched at a time, due to limited time from the consumer. This helped us improve our cost per reach.

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