Category 4: Apps of the Year

Category 4: Apps of the Year

The non-stop evolution and explosive global growth of smartphones and tablet devices over recent years has heralded a massive demand for mobile apps of every form. Hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps on the market across a variety of operating systems which has resulted in billions of downloads revolutionising mobile access to content of every kind.

This category is for stand-alone apps for Smartphones and Tablet devices.

It features four categories, the first two of which are not open to entry as they are nominated and decided by our expert, independent judges. The third and fourth categories open for submission, as follows:

4a. Best Entertainment App: for Gaming, Music, Sports, News or Video apps. (Not Open for Entry – nominated and decided by Judges)

4b. Judges Choice – Best Overall Mobile App: Nominations submitted directly from and selected by our Judges (Not Open for Entry – Nominated & Decided by Judges)

4c. Most Innovative Mobile App: For technical and business model innovation and advances underpinning App Development. Competent development of apps that are user friendly: (Open for Entry) Enter Here

4d. Smartphone App Challenge: Best Apps that enhance the user experience by making efficient use of network resources. This year, this category aims to showcase apps that make efficient use of network resources, including bandwidth and capacities, as well as Network APIs. (Open for Entry) Enter Here

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