3e. The Green Mobile Award

Category 3: Social & Economic Development

3e. The Green Mobile Award

The ‘Green Mobile Award’ category is for mobile industry organisations that are focused on the reduction of environmental impacts through eco-friendly, innovative policies, products, programmes or initiatives, as well as organisations outside of the industry that utilise the mobile platform to communicate, innovate or drive eco-friendly programmes, services and initiatives.

The ‘Green Mobile Award’ highlights the role of mobile in the development of low carbon economies, industries and lifestyles through improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, recycling, conservation, travel, manufacturing and logistics cost reduction and eco-friendly consumption.

Specifically, these could include:

  • Alternative energy sources i.e. wind & solar power
  • Procurement processes that lower equipment power requirements, or reduce the quantity of materials used, or substitute existing components with replaceable, longer lasting or even bio-degradable materials
  • The manufacturing of system, network, charging or other equipment with energy saving or emission reduction features
  • The deployment of green networks and use of alternative energy base stations or processes to reduce energy consumption
  • Recycling programmes for devices & equipment, i.e. ‘take back’ type programmes for used handsets & accessories
  • New mobile applications or products that reduce reliance on travel, monitor the environment or promote eco-friendly behaviours
  • The introduction of systems and processes that reduce consumption of valuable resources, such as fuel, paper, and electricity
  • Initiatives that engage employees, users or communities through awareness, and ultimately contribution to green programmes

The shortlist will be published by the GSMA in January 2014, and one winner in each category will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday 25th February 2014.


This award is open to all organisations that either serve the mobile industry around the world, including mobile operators, manufacturers and product/ service/ network providers in the mobile eco-system or those outside the industry that demonstrate use of the mobile platform as an integral part of their eco-friendly networks, policies, programmes and initiatives.

The product, service, programme or initiative entered must have been launched and commercially available in at least one territory prior to the closing deadline of the awards Friday 6th December 2013. Please provide evidence in your entry to support this such as launch date of the service, including details of countries or regions where the service is available.

Judging criteria

The judges will look for evidence of pro-activity and tangible progress in terms of eco-friendly networks, policies, programmes and initiatives. Successful companies will be able to demonstrate well-conceived, designed and successfully implemented environmentally friendly approaches that deliver quantifiable results.

They will be looking for entries that show genuine efforts toward environmentally sustainable business and ecologically friendly technologies, where entrants should be able to demonstrate:

  • Green policies and programmes in the areas of environment, employees, management, and product manufacturing or deployment
  • Defined targets that are measurable in terms of contributing to reduced carbon emissions
  • Sustainable commitment to continue to address environmental impacts
  • Evidence of how policies and programme have or can benefit mobile users, employees, communities and the general public

Entry forms, supporting materials & formats:

The submission of video to support your entry/entries is Strongly encouraged.You may provide one URL to a video link demonstrating your entry. This should be either privately or publicly posted to YouTube (if a private post, please provide a user name and password for judges to access). The video should be between three and five minutes in length, but no more.

If pointing judges to a website within your entry, please include one website URL, where specific information relating to your product or service entry can be found easily (judges will not surf websites looking for the information).

The on-line entry form includes an upload facility for you to provide multimedia. You will have the ability to upload 5 additional files to accompany your entry up to a maximum file size of 5MB each. These can be illustration pdfs, such as for customer testimonials, jpeg for photos or PowerPoint for technical diagrams or statistics, but please keep these relevant to your entry and keep the pages to a maximum of 2.

Specific Entry Form Questions for this category:

On the entry form, in addition to submitting contact and company information, you will be asked to answer the following questions, (Please note the maximum text/character length for your answers including spaces are shown in brackets below):

Preview of entry form questions:

  1. What is the name of your green product, service, programme or initiative? Please note the name given here will be used in all awards publicity. (150 characters = approx 25 words)
  2. Is this a joint entry? If so, who are the partnering organisations? (150characters = approx 25 words)
  3. When was it launched or introduced, and in which markets? (500 characters = approx 85 words)
  4. What specific environmental concerns or issues that are addressed by your entry? (500 characters = approx 85 words)
  5. How does the entry benefit the environment in general or specific key stakeholders? (1500 characters = approx 250 words)
  6. How do you measure the success of your product, service, programme or initiative? How successful have you been to date in quantifiable terms? (1500 characters = approx 250 words)
  7. What specific evidence would you highlight for your entry, in terms of it contributing toward a greener economy, industry or community, or reducing carbon emissions? (1500 characters = approx 250 words)
  8. What business benefits have you seen from your focus on environmental sustainability? (1500 characters = approx 250 words)
  9. What plans do you have to expand and extend your product, service, programme or initiative? In what ways is your entered product/ policy / programme/initiative/product sustainable? (1500 characters = approx 250 words)

Please note: Use one URL that is specific and relevant to the category and will help judges further understand your entry, but due to the number of entries received, judges will not have time to surf company websites looking for further information on the entered product/service or initiative.