Why enter the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards?

Global Mobile Awards

The Global Mobile Awards is the most highly sought after awards in the global communications industry. Established in 1996, the Awards attract entries from across the world and are judged by a panel of independent, highly respected experts. They are presented at the Mobile World Congress, the mobile industry’s annual gathering of around 70,000 senior industry leaders, executives, media, analysts and influencers.

Winning a Global Mobile Award brings with it many benefits, including:

  • Competitive differentiation – an Award win helps to differentiate products and services in intensely competitive global and domestic markets.
  • Increased awareness amongst sales prospects – the Awards ceremonies are attended by dozens of C-suite executives from all the major mobile operators, vendors, app developers, content providers and executives from a host of converging industries
  • Global media coverage – winners are promoted by key on-line and print media partners around the world.
  • A unique promotional platform – The awards are promoted to thousands of media representatives both pre, during and post the Mobile World Congress
  • Global recognition for local projects – the Awards shine a spotlight on best practice in markets around the world, drawing attention to innovative applications and services
  • Recognition of excellence – for employees, investors, customers and partners. The awards provide unique recognition of leadership and recognition at the single most important event for the industry.

Here’s what some of our previous winners say….

Best Mobile Education or Learning Product or Service Award for MagicPencil

Why did you enter the Global Mobile Awards?

The GSMA Global Mobile Awards are a benchmark for excellence in work done across various fields using mobile technologies. In an emerging field like mLearning entry to the awards meant validation from globally recognised jury, a global platform to showcase our products, interactions with industry peers across and instant recognition for winners and nominees alike.

How do you think your entry stood out?

EnableM has been doing some path breaking work in the field of mobile learning through its flagship platform Magic Pencil. The entry highlighted how the platform and technology was being used to facilitate distance education and bridging the knowledge gap across geographies.

The theme of the awards was ‘Connected Living’ and the entry mapped the various ways the product was helping achieve this objective.

What advice would you offer to other entrants?

GSMA is the Oscar’s of the mobile world. It brings together across categories products from all over the world on a common platform to be judged by a very eminent jury therefor this is an excellent platform to validate your products.

The entry to the awards has to have answers that highlight the benefits of the product, bring about its technology innovation and how the product impacts users and solves real life problems. To achieve this emphasis on real life examples along with any collateral material from partners, customers etc. would go a long way.

What benefits has your company had since winning

EnableM ‘s Magic Pencil is a front runner in the space of mobile education. After the victory at Barcelona 2014, the recognition that the product has got globally has been phenomenal. This has translated to a number of inquiries from potential customer across the education ecosystem and interest from industry peers. The other benefit has been the overall morale booster within the organisation.

Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough category – Sensory

Why did you enter the Global Mobile Awards?

Sensory entered the Global Mobile Awards because our TrulyHandsfree technology has revolutionized speech recognition and voice control in consumer electronic products, as well as enhanced the user experience. Entering this awards category gave us a prominent platform for generating awareness of our technology. And ultimately, winning the best mobile technology “breakthrough” award positions Sensory as an innovator and leader in our industry. 

How do you think your entry stood out?

TrulyHandsfree is the market leading always-on, always-listeng in voice control solution for consumer electronics. Prior to our TrulyHandsfree technology, there was nothing like it. We are a pioneer in this category. Before TrulyHandsfree, using consumer electronics like mobile phones, clocks and other devices required touching the device to talk to it.

When TrulyHandsfree was first launched, for the first time ever, Bluetooth devices, including headsets, car kits and stereo headphones, were able to benefit from a hands-free, no buttons required phrase spotting technology. 

TrulyHandsfree has also been implemented with patented low resource technology which enables minimal power consumption to allow devices to be always-on, always-listening for days on a single battery charge. Last but not least, TrulyHandsfree is completely embedded  in the device, complementing cloud based technologies.

What advice would you offer to other entrants?

Never rest on your laurels. Keep developing innovative technology and products that enhance the user experience and moves them into the future. At Sensory, we didn’t just stop with the accolades that we won for TrulyHandsfree and speech technology. We invested into a new area for us, vision technology. Most recently in June, we introduced our first product in this category, a multimodal speech and vision security solution for mobile phones called TrulySecure. TrulySecure unites Sensory’s world-class speaker verification technology with its newly developed, proprietary, state-of-the-art face recognition engine. 

What benefits has your company had since winning the Global Mobile Award?

Winning something as prestigious as the Global Mobile Award cemented Sensory as a formidable player in an increasingly crowded and competitive field. We had our traditional competitors in other companies that specialized in speech technology. Now, tech giants that have previously not been in this space such as the Apples of the world for instance, are investing in speech technology teams and doing R & D in this field. Winning the award showed that a pioneer like Sensory, are still the leaders, even with the up and comers nipping at our heels.

Turkcell – Best Mobile Product, Service or App for Accessibility or Ease-of-Use category

Why did you enter the Global Mobile Awards?

Turkcell is a member of the GSMA since 2003 and we have participated in the Global Mobile Awards every year. This prestigious organization offers us a good opportunity to showcase our best and most innovative products. It provides a platform for the industry to learn from each other and initiates a debate among major players about how to carry the industry forward as a whole. Being a part of this global challenge and gaining recognition for our outstanding work motivates our teams to create and launch new innovative projects.

How do you think your entry stood out?

At Turkcell, we believe that mobile communication technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to customers who have divergent needs. With “My Dream Partner” – the recipient of  the “Best Mobile Service for Accessibility or Ease-of-use” award in the category of “Social and Economic Development” – we provide services for our visually impaired customers. We believe that the product stands out since it responds to a real need and makes a real difference in significantly facilitating the lives of the visually impaired from all walks of life.

What advice would you offer to other entrants?

We have benefited from making sure that we know our customers and their needs well. While it does help to be aware of international examples, every country and every customer segment has specific difficulties and specific solutions to challenges. Developing innovative services and products that speak to those needs is key for success. 

What benefits has your company had since winning?

The award that we received helped us raise the profile of “My Dream Partner”.  We announced our award with a press release and used the award as a reference as Turkcell launched its umbrella project for the disabled, underlining the international recognition that My Dream Partner has received. The award helped us explain the product better to business partners, facilitating potential collaborations.

Nokia Networks with O2 (Telefónica UK) – Best Mobile Infrastructure

Entry name: iSON Automation for Operations

Why did you enter the Global Mobile Awards?

Nokia Networks entered the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards because they are widely recognised and respected throughout our industry.  The level of competition for the awards is always extremely high, with more than 680 entries in 2014.  To be chosen as an award winner is a prestigious achievement.  We are proud of this success and the recognition it brings for the hard work of the Nokia services experts and operational personnel within O2 who helped to automate more 10,000 manual tasks a month, resulting in significant operating expenditure savings. 

How do you think your entry stood out?

The support of our partner O2 (Telefonica UK) was key to the success of this joint entry.  Another factor was that we were able to quantify the benefits of our service – for example, through automation O2 were able to decrease alarms by 70%, reduce site visits by 40% and realise OPEX savings of around 2 million Euro a year.

 What advice would you offer to other entrants?

You can’t win, unless you enter, and it is definitely worthwhile to do so!  And it helps to take an ‘outside-in’ approach, thinking of the benefits of your solution to customers or the wider industry. 

 What benefits has your company had since winning?

The award generated a lot of pride and excitement inside our company, and it was great to receive tangible recognition for the efforts of the teams behind the solution.  More importantly, it created a lot of interest from other customers, and we have had a number of very productive discussions with operators about the benefits of the iSON automation for operations solution.
–  Phil Twist  – Head of Portfolio Marketing, Nokia Networks




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