Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards and what do they aim to do?

The GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards offer organisations across the global mobile eco-system (including all converging vertical sectors) the opportunity to showcase the latest and best mobile products, apps, services and initiatives to the world. The Awards are open to all eligible mobile companies, and supporters of the mobile eco-system – GSMA Members, Associate Members and Non-members – as defined in the individual category eligibility descriptions. The presentation of the awards takes place during the Mobile World Congress the world’s largest and leading mobile industry event held annually in Barcelona (24th -27th February 2014).

How long have they been running?

Since 1995. The GSMA’s Awards will be presented for the nineteenth year in succession during the Mobile World Congress on Tuesday, 25th February 2014.

What is the GSMA?

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Spanning more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators with more than 230 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as organisations in industry sectors such as financial services, healthcare, media, transport and utilities. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as the Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo. For more information, please visit the GSMA corporate website at or Mobile World Live, the online portal for the mobile communications industry, at

Who can enter the Awards?

See eligibility sections within the individual awards categories. The Global Mobile Awards recognise and celebrate all the contributions made to the ever evolving and developing mobile industry. Companies and organisations from all over the world are welcome to enter in our wide range of categories covering all parts of the mobile industry. Our awards encourage and support entries which grow and enhance the mobile eco-system with noticeable benefits to the wider industry. We honour those who most cherish the concept of the mobile community-of-interest, who in their coming together, have helped to generate value for the whole industry. Essentially, the awards are open to ALL players in the mobile communications eco-system, from mobile operators and manufacturers to industry participants and suppliers from converging industries such as the entertainment, advertising, computing, financial, education, automotive, health, government and all others where mobile products and services are used or are being developed. All products/ services/ initiatives/ programmes entered must support, be deployed over or accessible through mobile networks

How do I enter the Awards?

You can enter the Awards online here by completing the on-line entry form. The specific questions you will be asked on this form are also provided within the category descriptions so that you can prepare your answers.

How many Award entries can I submit?

Multiple entries may be submitted. You can enter as many different categories and sub categories as you wish. There is no limit on the number of entries you may submit per category or sub category. Entry fees are applicable for each entry submitted.

Do I have to be a member of the Association to enter the Awards?

No. The awards are open to members and non-members of the Association, see “Who can enter the Awards?” above

When can I enter?

Entries for the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards 2014 are welcome now – completed entry forms and payment must be received by the closing date of Friday 6th December 2013 (5pm GMT).

Is there an entry fee?

Yes – Entry fees are payable for each entry submitted, as follows:

€450 – Per entry for GSMA Members & Associate Members
€500 – Per entry for Non GSMA Members & Associate Members
€200 – Entry for Category 3: Social and Economic Development

Why is there an entry fee?

As the GSMA is a non-profit organisation, the entry fees help cover the costs associated with the administration and processing of the large number of entries received. Fees also contribute towards publicity and marketing the awards as well as to the awards event itself.

How can payment be made?

On-line payment by credit card is preferred. We accept AMEX, Visa & MasterCard. If credit card payment is not possible, you can do a wire transfer, bank details can be found here. If paying by bank transfer, Please ensure you mark your payment with your Entry Reference Number, which you are provided with once your entry is submitted when making payment.

Are the fees refundable if I decide to cancel my entry?

Entry fees are non-refundable once payment has been submitted.

Can I enter the Awards if I am a previous winner?

Yes, although preferably you should not submit the same product, service, initiative as your previous winning entry, unless there have been significant new and innovative developments or enhancements which can be described on the entry forms.

Will I be sent an acknowledgement and/or receipt for my entry?

On completing & submitting the entry form, you will be sent an Entry Reference number which should be used in any queries.

What supporting materials are allowed?

Digital files – including video links on YouTube -may be submitted for all categories, please see individual category descriptions/requirements for details.

Please note: This year, the submission of video to support your entry/entries is strongly encouraged – which are highly appreciated by our awards judges! You may provide one URL to a video link demonstrating your entry. This should be either privately or publicly posted to YouTube (if a private post, please provide a user name and password for judges to access). The video should be between 3 and 5 minutes in length, but no more.

What formats should I send for video and picture materials?

The on-line entry form includes an upload facility for you to provide multimedia. You will have the ability to upload 5 additional files to accompany your entry up to a maximum file size of 5MB each. These can be illustration pdfs, such as for customer testimonials, jpeg for photos or PowerPoint for technical diagrams or statistics, but please keep these relevant to your entry and keep the pages to a maximum of two.

You may also provide one URL to a video link. This should be either privately or publicly posted to YouTube (if a private post, please provide a user name and password for judges to access). Video should be no more than 5 minutes in length.

What are the new categories for the 2014 Awards?

New or enhanced Award Categories for 2014 are as follows:

Category 3d:  Best Mobile Product, Service or App for Accessibility or Ease-of-Use
Category 4a: Best Entertainment App (Gaming, Music , Sports, Video) – Not for entry
Category 5b: Best Low Cost Smartphone (sub $150 wholesale) – Not for Entry
Category 6d: Best Mobile Identity, Safeguard & Security Products/Solutions
Category 6e: Best Solution for Growing Smaller or Independent Networks

Will short listed companies be announced – if so, when?

The GSMA will announce the full shortlist of nominees in January 2014.

When will the nominations be announced?

The GSMA will announce the full shortlist of nominees in mid-late January 2014.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be presented at the Mobile World Congress on Tuesday 25th February 2014 as part of the congress programme.

How does the judging process work?

Entries will be judged against the criteria outlined in each of the category criteria and the specific information requested on the entry forms. Assessment by the judges will take place in December 2013 and early January 2014 and discussions and decisions based solely on this information supplied.

Who are the judges?

The panel will be made up of independent judges comprising leading industry and subject matter experts, analysts, journalists and academics and in some cases mobile operator representatives, for appropriate categories.

When will the judging process begin?

The judging process begins in December 2013 and final judging will take place in January 2014

When and where does the Awards Ceremony take place?

The Global Mobile Awards Ceremony takes place at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday 25th February at the Mobile World Congress.

How do I attend the Global Mobile Awards Ceremony?

The awards ceremony is open to Platinum, Gold and Silver Pass Holders as part of the pass. For more details on pass options please visit If your organization is announced as a finalist and you hold an Exhibition Visitor Pass then we will grant you access to the ceremony. You do not need to separately register for the ceremony.

Can press or media attend the Global mobile awards ceremony?

Press and media are of course welcome to attend the Global Mobile Awards ceremony, full details of the venue ticket information will be available very soon.

I have received a text informing me I have won a prize.

Scam Warning- Important Information
There are many people and groups that attempt to obtain your money or personal information inappropriately through fraudulent means. Often, these people and groups misrepresent who they are in an effort to deceive you about the legitimacy of what they are claiming. Sometimes, although not always, they will claim that you have won a lottery or sweepstakes and ask that you send them money so that they can release your supposed winnings to you. In such a situation, you should be very careful and fully investigate any and all claims before you send any money. Please be aware that there are many scams that use SMS / e-mail in an attempt to defraud people using methods similar to these, and we warn strongly against your responding to this type of SMS / e-mail without rigorous investigation to establish whether it is of a genuine nature. Generally, you should treat unsolicited communication (e-mail, phone & letters) that offer financial gain with extreme suspicion; be aware that legitimate lotteries rarely, if ever, ask for a fee to release your winnings; you should not pay any requested fee in advance without fully investigating the matter; and you should not provide banking details or other sensitive financial information in response to emails, phone inquiries and letters without a thorough investigation.

At the moment someone is sending notices to people, falsely claiming that the recipients have won a lottery. These notices falsely claim to be from the GSMA and even have the name and contact information of GSMA employees. These notices are completely fraudulent, cleverly designed to trick people into sending money for prizes they will never receive. GSMA is NOT RUNNING a sweepstakes and has never asked anyone to wire money to redeem a prize. Please do not respond to any SMS, email, or any other means of communication claiming that you have won a prize.

If you have any question as to the validity of an offer, please contact us at [email protected]

Will information provided for entries be used publicly?

All entry information will be treated as strictly confidential. Only the winning entry and company name of the award will be published prior to the Awards presentation. If your entry contains highly confidential information that should not be shared, please highlight this on the entry form so the judges are fully aware.

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